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Latinos '08

Latinos '08, a one-hour PBS documentary, examines these new Americans through the prism of the 2008 presidential election.

Purchase Latinos '08 today at PBS Home Video

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Brown Is The New Green

Fast-paced, fun, and smart, Brown is the New Green updates our understanding of America and those who will inherit it.

Purchase Brown is the New Green today at PBS Home Video

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Los Angeles Now

Los Angeles Now is an artful evocation and investigation of the metropolis as it comes of age and wrestles with its history and its future. The film examines the cultural and intellectual activity of one of the world's most influential places at a moment of profound change.

Running Time: 56 min

Available for home and educational sales the beginning of December.

(LANDVDP) Personal Use : $24.95

(LANDVDL) University/College Use: $149.95

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Mixed Feelings: San Diego / Tijuana

Mixed Feelings: San Diego/Tijuana is a documentary about the San Diego-Tijuana region and its inevitable transnational future.  Conversations with scholars, planners and architects from both cities open a window into the unprecedented dialogue now occurring on the U.S./Mexican border.

Running Time: 26:46 min

(MIXDVDP) Personal Use : $24.95

(MIXDVDL) University/College Use: $149.95

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Manuel Ocampo, God is my Copilot

A documentary about identity politics in the contemporary art world, Manuel Ocampo: God is My Copilot offers a rare view of how multiculturalism is bought and sold among the art world's elite. The film follows the young artist as he tries to transcend the identity box he has painted himself into.

Running Time: 60 min

(OCADVDP) Personal Use : $24.95

(OCADVDL) University/College Use: $149.95

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Pancho Villa & Other Stories

Personal stories of men and women —all now deceased— who witnessed or participated in the Mexican Revolution. These oral histories, conducted throughout Mexico and the southwestern U.S. from 1986 to 1994, flow seamlessly between historical incidents and the legends associated with the deeds of Villa and his La Division del Norte.

Running Time: 40 min

(VILLVHSP) Personal Use : $24.95

(VILLVHSL) University/College Use: $99.95

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