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Latinos '08

Latinos ‘08, a one-hour PBS documentary, examines these new Americans through the prism of the 2008 presidential election. Latinos defy many of our ideas about what an ethnic group is and how it behaves. They do not fit this country's black/white racial binary, and they are less cohesive than many other voting blocs. Yet they are now one of this country's most coveted – and fastest-growing – group of voters. Latinos '08 investigates a wide range of questions about the past, present, and future of this important electorate:

• How did Reagan and the Bushes succeed in winning over so many Latinos (upwards of 40 percent)? Can their success be replicated as the GOP seeks to rebuild?

• How did Hillary, Obama, and McCain seek to attract these voters? And how did they fail to deliver – particularly with regard to immigration?

• Will Latino voters, like their European predecessors, become indistinguishable from the general electorate? Or will they maintain the unity and common purpose they have enjoyed since the '06 immigration marches?

• What is the future of Latino leadership in light of Obama's new “post-racial” identity model?

Latinos '08 features interviews with a wide range of prominent Latinos, including former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros, Political/Marketing Consultant Lionel Sosa, Columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr., Obama Campaign Co-Chair Federico Peña, Ana Navarro Co-Chair McCain National Hispanic Advisory Council, National Political Commentator Leslie Sanchez, The Rev. Luis Cortés of Esperanza USA, and Professors Lisa García Bedolla of University of California at Berkeley, Rodolfo de la Garza of Columbia, Roberto Suro of USC and Luis Fraga of the University of Washington.

In investigating an important part of an historic presidential election, Latinos '08 sheds light on an increasingly significant part of our American future.

Press Reviews

"...isn't afraid to turn conventional wisdom on its head." – The New York Times

"thoughtful" - The New York Times

"higher truth-telling" – The Washington Post

"Director Phillip Rodriguez knows his way around this territory of ironies and pieties layered upon an undeniably real demographic bedrock." – The Washington Post

"Masterful" - The San Diego Union Tribune

Latinos '08 copyright at 323 Projects, LLC 2008

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